Word On Fire

Blog posts from Bishop Robert Barron's Word on Fire Catholic Ministries.
  1. Today, Jared Zimmerer discusses the growth of mixed martial arts as entertainment and points out that modernity, in secularizing everything, has also effected the way we view martial arts.
  2. Scanning headlines full of hatred, confusion, and fear, the group just wanted "to make something joyful." Matt Becklo explains.
  3. What do pornography and dwindling vocations both suggest about men's greatest fear? Father Damian Ference, who works closely with young men in high school and the seminary, shares his observations.
  4. As we celebrate the Assumption of Our Lady, Fr. Billy Swan offers a reflection on why this dogma has profound consequences on our understanding of human dignity.
  5. The great martyr, St. Maximillian Kolbe, was an effective evangelist and preacher of the Gospel. Today, Ricky Jones offers a few of the reasons he was so profoundly effective.