Word On Fire

Blog posts from Bishop Robert Barron's Word on Fire Catholic Ministries.
  1. From St. John the Baptist to St. Francis of Assisi, the Church has a long tradition of “holy fools,” men and women who subvert the world's wisdom with shocking lives. Br. Philip Neri Reese looks at one of these saints, who happens to be not only his namesake, St. Philip Neri, but also today's saint.
  2. Although most U.S. dioceses will celebrate the Feast of Ascension this Sunday, the majority of the world celebrates it today. Bishop Barron explains how the Ascension fosters the marriage between heaven and earth.
  3. How do we raise the level of our cultural discourse? According to Br. Philip Neri Reese, O.P., a good first step would be a renewed appreciation for the importance of first principles.
  4. Walker Percy, the writer who penned “The Moviegoer,” “Lancelot,” and “Love in the Ruins,” to name a few, had family, fate and illness working against him. But he had faith, and that was likely what spared him. Word on Fire contributor Father Damian Ference examines Percy's life on today's blog, a launching point for our next Book Club selection, "Love in the Ruins."
  5. "Draw people together around something that transcends their own solitary existence, and as long as that something is true, good, or beautiful, God can use it to draw them to Himself." Today, Jared Zimmerer sits down with Fr. Connor Danstrom who recently performed for the Blue Island Arts Alliance as a way to garner authentic culture for the surrounding community of Blue Island.